Tebuconazole, Technical, Tech, 95% TC, 96% TC, 97% TC, 98% TC, Pesticide & Fungicide

CAS No. 107534-96-3
Molecular Formula C16H22ClN3O
Molecular Weight 307.82
Specification Tebuconazole, 95% TC, 96% TC, 97% TC, 98% TC
Form Colorless crystals (tech., a colorless to light brown powder)
Melting Point 105℃
Density 1.25 (26℃)

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Common Name Tebuconazole
IUPAC Name (RS)-1-p-chlorophenyl-4,4-dimethyl-3-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)pentan-3-ol
Chemical Name (±)-α-[2-(4-chlorophenyl)ethyl]-α-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole-1-ethanol
CAS No. 107534-96-3
Molecular Formula C16H22ClN3O
Molecular Weight 307.82
Molecular Structure 107534-96-3
Specification Tebuconazole, 95% TC, 96% TC, 97% TC, 98% TC
Form Colorless crystals (tech., a colorless to light brown powder)
Melting Point 105℃
Density 1.25 (26℃)
Solubility In water 36 mg/L (pH 5-9, 20℃). In Dichloromethane >200, in Isopropanol, toluene 50-100, in Hexane <0.1 (all in g/L, 20℃).
Stability Stable to elevated temperatures, and to photolysis and hydrolysis in pure water, under sterile conditions, hydrolysis DT50 >1 y (pH 4-9, 22℃).

Product Description

Tebuconazole is an organic compound. It is a highly effective, broad-spectrum and systemic triazole fungicide. It has the three major functions of protection, treatment and eradication. It can kill the sickness and conduction on the surface of attached objects. It can also kill the germs that have invaded the crop body, and at the same time play a protective role, with a wide sterilization spectrum and a long lasting period. Like all triazole fungicides, Tebuconazole can inhibit fungal ergosterol biosynthesis. It is a high-efficiency fungicide used for seed treatment or foliar spraying of important economic crops. It can effectively prevent various rust, powdery mildew, net spot, root rot, scab, smut and seed transmission of cereal crops. Wheel spot disease and so on. When applied to the treatment of wheat seeds, it is equally effective for all kinds of pathogens carried by the seeds, whether adsorbed on the epidermis or inside the seeds, and is especially suitable for the prevention and treatment of smut.


Steroid demethylation (ergosterol biosynthesis) inhibitor.

 Mode of Action:

Systemic fungicide with protective, curative, and eradicant action. Rapidly absorbed into the vegetative parts of the plant, with translocation principally acropetally.

● Uses:

As a seed dressing, Tebuconazole is effective against various smut and bunt diseases of cereals such as Tilletia spp., Ustilago spp., and Urocystis spp., also against Septoria nodorum (seed-borne), and Sphacelotheca reiliana in maize. As a spray, Tebuconazole controls numerous pathogens in various crops: rust species (Puccinia spp.), powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis), Rhynchosporium secalis, Septoria spp., Pyrenophora spp., Cochliobolus sativus and Fusarium spp. in cereals; Mycosphaerella spp., Puccinia spp. and Sclerotium rolfsii in peanuts; Mycosphaerella spp. in bananas; Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and various pathogens of leaf and stem diseases in oilseed rape; Exobasidium vexans in tea; Phakopsora pachyrhizi in soya beans; Monilinia spp., rust species, powdery mildew and scab in pome and stone fruit; Botrytis spp., rust species, powdery mildew fungi, and (with dipping or spraying) Sclerotium cepivorum in grapes and some vegetable crops.


Good plant compatibility in most crops with any formulation and achieved in more sensitive crops by appropriate formulations, e.g. WP, WG or SC.

● Packing in 25KG / Bag

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